CT Corporation
CSC- Corporation Service Company $65.00
Service* and Court Filing Fees/td>

Los Angeles County  $55.00
Orange County $65.00
Ventura County $75.00
Riverside County $75.00
San Bernardino County $75.00
San Diego County $75.00
(*Service Prices are Starting at Rates per County. Please call for rates in other areas of California and throughout the United States)
Filing and First Service Attempt Within:
48 Hour Rush Service +$35.00
24 Hour Rush Service +$45.00
12 Hour Rush Service +$55.00
Additional Service of Document -15%
(Service on a Second Individual Defendant at the same location, if service is successful on the first attempt)
Cancellation Charge
(cancellation of service after at least one attempt has been made will be charged at full rate)
In Field Locates $20.00
(If the address given by the client is not servable, and the server locates a new address in the field and serves the documents at the new address. Then you will be charged for our office going to the address you provided, field locate fee, and 2nd address fee)
Waiting Time/Stake Outs
(in the event you request that we wait for any reason, our “wait time” fee is charged after the initial grace period of fifteen minutes has expired)
Legal Documents Assistance $45/Hour
(One Hour minimum)

(First 15 pages free)

$.20/Per Page